My thank you to Ann of Francescas Fancy for this prize for the Etsy Beadweavers very first January Challenge. I just got this baker’s dozen in the mail this past week! 5 gram bags of Delica seed beads in blues and purples.  Aren’t they yummy?


Check out her shop…

I just signed up for my first bead soup blog party!  Since its done by lottery this time, I hope I get in.

This idea is from Lori Anderson who has already hosted six of these blog parties and has written a book about the results.  Its called Bead Soup:  34 Projects Show What Happens When 24 Beaders Swap Their Stash.  Its available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I got it downloaded to my Nook.

Here’s how it works (taken from Lori’s Blog)…
First, you must have a blog! 
Second, no, you do NOT have to make your own beads!

Sign up on her blog from January 25-27.

Once you get a partner, you’ll then send that person a Party Pack:
::  A focal  ::
 ::  Some coordinating spacers or beads  ::
 ::  A special clasp (not just a lobster claw)  ::
The idea is you will use the focal and the clasp, and if you wish, some of the coordinating beads, incorporating beads from your own stash.  The idea is to help you think outside the box and work outside your normal comfort zone, pushing you into creative directions you may never have gone.

When you get your package of beads, show your beads on your blog.  Then you make something with the beads (or several pieces!), take a picture, and post it on your blog on the reveal day.  Everyone hops around to as many blogs as possible to see what people made.  You don’t have to hop all on one day and you aren’t obligated to visit all the blogs.

There was a variation that Kalbach Publishing Company promoted when Lori’s book first came out.  A number of bead stores donated bead soup to Kalmbach.  They, in turn, sent the bead soup out to participating artists.  My bead soup arrived from Eva Madzsar Sherman & Grand River Beads

I used her lovely beads and added a whole bunch of own and came up with this piece.

We’ll see if I can come up with something I’m as happy about in this next blog party!


I’m loading up a new section of Halloween and Fall themed items on Etsy for this month! The section is mostly beads (including some Big Hole Beads for your Pandora or Troll Style Bracelets) but also has a few finished items as I complete them.

To check them all out, head on over to

New Etsy Section:  Critters Beads and Sculpture

A section on my Etsy full of little critters looking for forever homes.  Most are beads and pendants, a few are sculptural works. Take a look and adopt a new friend today!

Koi Fish Bracelet Pattern
A few of you caught my last-minute weekend sale on Etsy, but I’ve decided to extend it. Tuesday through Wednesday night only, 50% off selected patterns & focal beads. Have fun!
Beads Section:
Patterns Section:

Alrighty – these are just silly and fun to make. They have rough frayed edges, are almost completely made of thai silk with some other stuff thrown in just for good measure.

The Embellished Netted Icicles Necklace looks complex but its super easy. Its a beginning level project and you won’t believe how lovely it looks. You won’t get finished with this one in class, but you’ll get a great start on it. Just as a warning, though, this has a lot of crystal or pearl in it, so its a pricey piece to make!Saturday November 19, afteroon.

My work will be there for a trunk show the days I am teaching. Lampwork beads to fit your pandora bracelets. Tutorials, beads, jewelry, you know…

You can register for the classes online at