I don’t have anything to write today, so I thought I’d spread some Etsy love around.  Here are some more of my favorite items on Etsy.
Here’s a koi pair from creaturesfromel

Most of her work is by custom order and I absolutely am in love with the filigree qualities about them.
This precious metal clay box  by wanaree is incredible.

She also does online classes, apparently.  This is an idea I’ve been meaning to try out…
And… here’s a scarf my MOM made! You can find more at JoyRosner

I love her work – its perfect for this time of year – all soft and cuddley.
That’s it for today!  Enjoy!

Oct 12-14
Friday: noon to 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 4pm
My finished work will be at the Glass Axis Pumpkin Patch again this year. Obviously, most of it will be fall, Halloween and pumpkin themed. Look for brand new necklace designs. I’ve already started making earrings so I hope to have quite a few gift-priced items.
I’ll be working the show on Friday, October 12.
1341 Norton Avenue-B
Columbus, OH 43212

I’m adding new stuff every day – includes some super sweet items, and a few steampunk-inspired not-so-cutsie pieces.


The winter weather has finally hit us here in the Midwest. But, we are enjoying evening blazes in our fireplace, white wines and good movies. The romance reminds us…Its time to look towards Valentine’s day! Head on over to our Etsy Store and see what is currently in stock in our new valentine’s day shop. http://hannahrachel.etsy.com/