Hopefully I’ll be able to make it up to my beading partners for the Bead Hoarder’s Edition of Lori Anderson’s Blog Hop by posting loads about both of my partners and how wonderful their work is…

Recapping, I was a little slow getting everything out to them, but they were both really sweet and understanding about it.


Anyhow, my second partner for the swap is

Liz Engriser –  http://beadcontagion.blogspot.com/

Liz does incredibly beautiful and textured bead embroidery. Make sure you go ahead and read her blog and look at all of her process and finished piece photos.

Again, a beautifully packaged little gift…  Plus a handmade clasp she found at a show and some wonderful beachy things…


And when I opened it up?  A handpainted Alphonse Mucha focal bead.  What Liz had NO IDEA about was that he is one of my all time favorite painters.  I already know what I’m going to do with the piece, but I’ll probably go ahead and hoard the finished product then.


There was also some chocolate, but it last like 3 seconds.  Apparently I have no problems hoarding chocolate.  Thanks Liz!

Want to read more about the blog hop?  Here’s my intro…http://goodrivergallery.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-2017-bead-soup-blog-party-hoarders.html


Whoohoo!  I’m taking part in the 2017 Bead Soup Blog Party: Hoarder’s Edition!


After a little bit of a late start (I forgot to tell you about how wonderful the Club Bead Retreat in Florida was and, of course, it was RIGHT BEFORE I was supposed to send beads out), I got my beads in the mail to BOTH of my partners!  I’ll introduce them to you separately in posts tomorrow, but for now, just say hello to

BARBARA FERNALD https://barbarasfernald.com/


LIZ ENGRISER  http://beadcontagion.blogspot.com/

I’ll wait until they get their beads to tell you what I sent to them.  Of course I forgot to take photos.  But the idea was, of course, that you send a bead you’ve hoarded.  Since I’m not a bead hoarder (and if you believe THAT I have a bridge to sell ya), I had NO TROUBLE AT ALL DECIDING WHAT TO SEND (anyone up for that bridge?)!

Anyhow, if you’d like to read more about Lori’s Blog Hops, head on over to her website and blog.


and for the instructions on the blog hop:


Anyhow, I’ll talk tomorrow about my partners and don’t forget to stop on by their blogs tomorrow (I’ll include links).  Also stop by ALL of our blogs on March 25th to see what we all created!