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As a reminder, late in january, I signed up for the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party.
You can read more about it here

My Bead Soup Blog Party Swap Buddy is Darlene Fortier!  Darlene owns Darlicious Rejuvenations and in her own words she “creates one-of-a-kind recycled and salvaged jewelry with a hint of bike.”

You can see her her Etsy Store –
Or… you can follow her blog –

Here’s what she sent to me.  I’m not going to use the antique steel cut seed beads.  Why not?  Well, I collect antique seed beads, so they are just going into my own super secret dragon stash.  I haven’t decided what to do with the vintage glass vintage triangles, but the rest have been combined with some Toho 8/0 metallics.  Here’s what I have so far – its a bracelet!

I plan on adding… what else?  Fringe!  I’ve tried making some bellflowers using my new Carlo Dona press, but they just too big and took over that focal bead by George O’Grady.  So…  stop by on the reveal day (March 30) to see what I’ve done!


Well, clearly I didn’t do so well with the daily blogging challenge here in October.  I’m still pretty pleased with my month, since I got BOTH my Kalmbach Bead Soup piece in and also a piece for another challenge.

My friend Christina/Good Quill Hunting puts on the most awesome challenges.  She had a new one for me this month.  I’ve just lifted the following text from her website (

This contest is ALL about FEATHERS! Since we
are all bead artists, then we are ‘birds of a feather’
and this contest is all about incorporating feathers
into your bead work, be it
bead woven or bead

You can see all of the entries here:

 About mine…
One of the very first movies my parents took me to see was the 1975 version of
Trollflöjten the Swedish language version of The Magic Flute directed by the famed
Ingmar Bergman. My favorite characters were, and still are, Papageno and his bird-
love Papagena. This early introduction to opera possibly led to my graduate degree
in theatrical design.

In this piece, I tried to both make the feathers an integral part of the design and
also break my habit of mirror-image pieces.

Materials: Coque feathers, rayon trim, Czech and Japanese seed beads, tigereye,
pink quartz, yellow citrine, etched shell, copper, antiqued brass chain, sterling clasp.

You can purchase it here.


There’s a ton going on this month, so this newsletter is somewhat longer than normal.

My thanks for September go to Joanne and Pam at the Crystal Bead Bazaar! Also, thanks to my big sis Barb who drove with me (actually, she drove the whole way PLUS we took her car because I handle a vehicle like an old lady). Happy New Year to my brother and his wife, who I had a wonderful breakfast with while I was in Pittsburgh. Also, I need to send thanks to Helen, Corby, and the staff at Gahanna Bead Studio. They always treat me really well.

October and early November are super busy for me! I have a ton of classes coming up and also some Bead Shows. If you missed my Soutache Bead Embroidery class at the Gahanna Bead Studio, you have TWO opportunities to take it in October and one in early November. Read below for everything coming up.

I have two action packed days at the Gahanna Bead Studio:

  • Soutache Beaded Bracelet Class. Oct 20
    • Royal Ruffles Ribbon Bracelet. Oct 20
    • Etsy Success for everyone. Oct 21
    • Photography for the online artist. Oct 21.

Register online at

Charlene and I set up classes in Chicago at Caravan Beads
for the last weekend in October.

  • Selling Your Work at Art Fairs – 2 hour lecture. Oct 26
  • Garden Trellis Bracelet. Intermediate. Oct 27
  • Soutache Beaded Bracelet. All levels. Oct 28–Visiting-Artist-Classes/Categories

Out west instead of in the Midwest? No problem! I’m heading back out to Dancing Beads in early November. The rest of November’s classes will have to wait until my November newsletter, but you can sign up now in Medford OR for the following classes. Head on over to

  • Garden Trellis Bracelet. Intermediate. Nov 3
  • Soutache Beaded Bracelet. All levels. Nov 6

Interested in shows instead? There are two this month. Oct 12-14, my finished work will be at the Glass Axis Pumpkin Patch. Obviously, most of it will be fall, Halloween and pumpkin themed. Also, catch my lampwork beads and tutorials at the Great Lakes Fall Bead Bonanza.

Happy beading!


Oct 12-14
Friday: noon to 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 4pm
My finished work will be at the Glass Axis Pumpkin Patch again this year. Obviously, most of it will be fall, Halloween and pumpkin themed. Look for brand new necklace designs. I’ve already started making earrings so I hope to have quite a few gift-priced items.
I’ll be working the show on Friday, October 12.
1341 Norton Avenue-B
Columbus, OH 43212
October 14, 2012
Sunday 10am – 5pm
I can’t wait to see the folks from the great lakes Beadworkers Guild again. If you are in Michigan and haven’t been to this show, you are missing a real treat. Beads, beads, beads and more beads. Tutorials and some kits! I’ll be in the same spot I always am.
Southfield Municipal Complex Pavilion 26000 Evergreen Road Southfield, MI 48076

I’m loading up a new section of Halloween and Fall themed items on Etsy for this month! The section is mostly beads (including some Big Hole Beads for your Pandora or Troll Style Bracelets) but also has a few finished items as I complete them.

To check them all out, head on over to

Last night I noted that I joined the October 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The idea is to post 31 posts in 31 days.   Why am I doing it?  I rather wonder whether blogs have the power that they used in in comparison to Facebook and Twitter.  I’d like to prove myself wrong.  You can read more about the blog challenge here.

I’ve noticed throughout reading the blogs involved that many people note the reason they joined the challenge is that they have the most problem with actually coming up with things to blog about.  My problem seems to be the opposite – I don’t know what to blog about first.  So, I put it off and then just copy over whatever it is that I put into my Facebook posts and into my Newsletters.   I looks forward to seeing what the creators of this blog challenge actually suggest over the month-long challenge.  The Ultimate Blog Challenge was created by Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer.

I’m also using this challenge because

  • I work better under pressure so tend to try and enter as many challenges as I can (I’ll be talking about a Beading Challenge at least twice this month).
  •  I like the idea that I can actually use this as a space to write real “stuff” as opposed to the microblogging of Facebook and Twitter.
  • I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a novel about lampworkers and want to get more into the habit of writing everyday rather than obsessively hanging out on Facebook (seriously, I don’t have a problem)…
  • I’d really like my blog to become a better platform for Social Marketing than it has been.

Meanwhile, though, for anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Hannah Rosner.  I am a jewelry designer and glass bead artist and own Good River Gallery.  I primarily make jewelry using seed beads and also make my own beads out of glass (which is called lampworking).  I teach beadweaving and lampworking techniques, and many of my tutorials are available for purchase online.

I was a semifinalist in the lampwork category for Bead and Button Bead Dreams 2009 and won second place for my bead embroidered collarpiece in the Treasures of Toho 2009 Contest. The Treasures of Toho necklace can be seen in the February 2010 issue of Bead & Button and I’ve copied a photo of it to the right. In 2010 Marsha Hines and I showed a collaborative piece in the ISGB show. In 2011 my Neptune’s Tail Necklace won third place in the Bead and Jewelry category at the Vegas Glass Craft Expo.  This past year, I won first place in the Advanced Sculpture Section at the Treasures of Toho contest 2012 (photo left). 
You can find my work for sale at my website 
and on my Etsy site
See you tomorrow!


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