I keep meaning to go ahead and write out a log of my end-of-July ISGB Gathering trip in Rochester New York and for one reason or another I just haven’t managed to really get it together until today.  Let me just say thank you to all of the wonderful people that made this event possible and the fantastic experience I got to participate in.

Come to think about it, I also meant to write out a log of my Bead and Button show this past summer.  Where has the time gone?  I think its going to be another one of my out-of-order set of blog posts.

The first and only time I did the Gathering beforehand it was at Louisville in 2011.  I had added a class and trunk show with the unofficial Bead Society of Kentucky just in case the ISGB Bead Bazaar didn’t really make ends meet for the Gathering expenses (one of the classes I taught for the society was the Atlantis Bracelet, pictured left on Danielle and below).  As it turned out, this was a good plan – while the Bead Bazaar sales did cover the table fees and a little more, it didn’t make up full expenses and I wasn’t in a position at the time to call the Gathering a vacation – I needed it to be a working trip.  It was wonderful overall, though.  I roomed with Jodie McDougall, who is calm and easygoing. 

I also roomed with Jodie this time.

I taught a class:
Bead Embroidered Bracelet, Brooch, or Pendant
Set flat-sided disk lampworked beads or cabochons in seed beads and turn them into beautifully unique pendants or bracelets using bead weaving techniques. The intricate details of this type of work paired with glass produces stunning results that you will enjoy recreating time and time again. Embellish
these works of art with crystals and pearls, and then edge and fringe the piece to finish what is certain to be one of your favorite accessories to wear! 

Its actually one of my “old standby” classes.  I had the class scheduled to run twice, but it only ran once, leaving me a free day in the middle of the convention.  Samma Parcels to the rescue!  She offered me a ticket to a special tour at the Corning Museum of Glass.  More on this later.

And also was in a panel with Lori Greenberg, Wesley Fleming & JC Herrell:
Panel on Selling Your Work
The many options, aspects, and specific techniques for selling
your work in person, through galleries, and online.
Yah whatever, right?  I just took a little bit out of this tutorial:

Here’s a photo that Hayley took of the panel.

I got a chance to hang out with my personal hero, Sage Holland, at a Gallery hop.  In case you’re
wondering, I made a complete and utter fool of myself in front of her at Bead & Button and she was still gracious to me.  That’s a story for another time (later, I promise… and its funny).  We went to a couple of the galleries.  The first was an exquisite ISGB jewelry show that had traveled and was set up for the evening only in the lobby of the hotel.  The second was a pendant show I had been accepted to.  I made an eye pendant for the show, complete with lampwork eye (they are available on Etsy) and new Czech glass spikes.  Also turned a dragon into a pendant and a couple of the flowers.  The only one that sold was the eye, though…  So, I had to make another one for the class at the Best Bead Show in Tucson last week.  I just returned from AZ, by the way.  We’ll get to that in a future post too.  Maybe – there wasn’t nearly enough green chili salsa, guacamole or vodka.

The Corning Museum of Glass was one of the most incredible experiences.  If you ever have a chance to go – DO NOT pass it up.  You won’t believe it, but at about 3pm I actually had my fill of looking at glass.  How could that be, you ask?  I have no idea, but I had to actually sit outside in the sun and read for a while because my head was so full.  I brought a notepad, so did some skething and I think I know which way my work is going next.  But I’m not going to tell – it’ll be a surprise.  If you want to read more about the museum, here’s the link.  And here’s one of my favorites, a Gourd Vase by Thomas Webb and Sons.  Its been Blown, Overlaid, Carved, Etched, Enameled & Gilded.  I don’t even think it needs fringe.

I wanted to go ahead and list all the fabulous people I met IRL, both from Facebook and LE.  But I can’t because there were just too many of you.  So, you know who you are.  And thank you for making my trip wonderful.


As a reminder, late in january, I signed up for the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party.
You can read more about it here

My Bead Soup Blog Party Swap Buddy is Darlene Fortier!  Darlene owns Darlicious Rejuvenations and in her own words she “creates one-of-a-kind recycled and salvaged jewelry with a hint of bike.”

You can see her her Etsy Store –
Or… you can follow her blog –

Here’s what she sent to me.  I’m not going to use the antique steel cut seed beads.  Why not?  Well, I collect antique seed beads, so they are just going into my own super secret dragon stash.  I haven’t decided what to do with the vintage glass vintage triangles, but the rest have been combined with some Toho 8/0 metallics.  Here’s what I have so far – its a bracelet!

I plan on adding… what else?  Fringe!  I’ve tried making some bellflowers using my new Carlo Dona press, but they just too big and took over that focal bead by George O’Grady.  So…  stop by on the reveal day (March 30) to see what I’ve done!

Updated – Etsy!

Nothing new in the Clearance Section, but I’ve added more to the Artisan Lampwork Focal Beads, the Floral Beads/Pendants and the Critter Beads/Sculptures sections!  Check them out!

Also, Etsy is rolling out a new instant  downloads sections.  This means that when you purchase a tutorial, you’ll get a link to automatically download your tutorial to your computer.  No more waiting for me to get back to my computer and instant gratification!  Yippee!  So…  please be patient with me while I add all of my tutorials to this service.

I’m thrilled…. and scared.
Now that the catalog is out, I can tell you!
I’m teaching three classes at Bead & Button in 2013!
Classes open soon for registration!
I’ll also have my same booth – #410.

Boro Floral Beads underwritten by ABR Imagery

Tuesday –
Description: Use borosilicate glass and several lampworking techniques to create detailed, lifelike floral beads. This is a perfect introduction to borosilicate glass for students who already have soft glass bead-making experience. Students will leave with several large scale floral beads. Class involves the use of a torch with open flame and gases. Wear safety (didymium) glasses, cotton clothing, and closed-toe shoes. Tie long hair back.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS & TOHO Beads Present: Intro to Beaded Soutache (2 possible class times)

Tuesday Evening –
Sunday Morning –
Description: Originally used to adorn military uniforms, bridal veils, and clothing, soutache braid has made its way into the jewelry world. Combine braid and beads, then assemble into a soft bracelet, a hard cuff, or a fabulous barrette.
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS & TOHO Beads Present: Garden Trellis Crystal Bracelet

Wednesday –
Description: Weave a romantic bracelet that looks like a rich Victorian heirloom. Embellish with over one hundred crystals for extra bling. Students can make either a soft bracelet or a rigid cuf

Did you know that I have many of my tutorials available as a PDF?

First, the legal stuff (no fun, I know, but lets just get it all out of the way): These tutorials are for your own personal use, you may not forward them or print and distribute to friends. I also do not give permission to sell the finished googleybirds on Etsy. Please ask written permission if you would like the sell your finished pieces on other venues or would like to sell the cascade pendants on Etsy or anywhere else.

These tutorials are sent via email (PDF) upon receipt of payment. I’m sorry, if you need these patterns to be printed and shipped, then I will charge an additional fee. You are purchasing a tutorial only. Listing does not include a finished bead or piece of jewelry.

Okay, now the fun stuff!

You can buy them at

Color Reactions in Soft Glass
As long as you have mastered a basic bead, this tutorial is for you. The tutorial covers everything from striking glass, mixing specialty colors, basic reactions through more advanced silver glass use. Color photos and step-by-step recipes.
20 pages and over 30 reactions. PRICE REDUCED! $15.00
Color Reactions Instructions
Introduction to Sculptural Beads: A Googleybird
Intermediate Lampworking Project in boro & softglass
Step by step directions on how to approach sculptural lampwork with both boro and soft glass directions. Students need a kiln for this project. This tutorial was created to allow students to move beyond beginner shaping towards an intermediate level. This bird uses exactly the same techniques as I use for my flower pendants! Finished googley bird beads are also available in your choice of color. Just email me!
20 pages and over 50 photos.
Wondering What to do with your finished focal bicone beads? Try this beginning wireworking tutorial.
Cascade Pendant

This pendant can be made with headpins and chain, and either swarovski crystal or pearls.
The pendant photographed is the one that is shown through the photos in this instruction packet, but you can use the techniques to make your own design.
This is a BEGINNING wirewrapping project. Students will learn how to use a headpin and make a very basic wirewrap, which can be used for earrings, bracelets, and this pendant.
I use a handmade lampwork glass bead for this pendant, but any large bicone or tube bead will work. You can order a handmade one in your choice of colors by emailing me.
Beginning Wire Wrapped Pendant Instructions

There’s a ton going on this month, so this newsletter is somewhat longer than normal.

My thanks for September go to Joanne and Pam at the Crystal Bead Bazaar! Also, thanks to my big sis Barb who drove with me (actually, she drove the whole way PLUS we took her car because I handle a vehicle like an old lady). Happy New Year to my brother and his wife, who I had a wonderful breakfast with while I was in Pittsburgh. Also, I need to send thanks to Helen, Corby, and the staff at Gahanna Bead Studio. They always treat me really well.

October and early November are super busy for me! I have a ton of classes coming up and also some Bead Shows. If you missed my Soutache Bead Embroidery class at the Gahanna Bead Studio, you have TWO opportunities to take it in October and one in early November. Read below for everything coming up.

I have two action packed days at the Gahanna Bead Studio:

  • Soutache Beaded Bracelet Class. Oct 20
    • Royal Ruffles Ribbon Bracelet. Oct 20
    • Etsy Success for everyone. Oct 21
    • Photography for the online artist. Oct 21.

Register online at

Charlene and I set up classes in Chicago at Caravan Beads
for the last weekend in October.

  • Selling Your Work at Art Fairs – 2 hour lecture. Oct 26
  • Garden Trellis Bracelet. Intermediate. Oct 27
  • Soutache Beaded Bracelet. All levels. Oct 28–Visiting-Artist-Classes/Categories

Out west instead of in the Midwest? No problem! I’m heading back out to Dancing Beads in early November. The rest of November’s classes will have to wait until my November newsletter, but you can sign up now in Medford OR for the following classes. Head on over to

  • Garden Trellis Bracelet. Intermediate. Nov 3
  • Soutache Beaded Bracelet. All levels. Nov 6

Interested in shows instead? There are two this month. Oct 12-14, my finished work will be at the Glass Axis Pumpkin Patch. Obviously, most of it will be fall, Halloween and pumpkin themed. Also, catch my lampwork beads and tutorials at the Great Lakes Fall Bead Bonanza.

Happy beading!


Oct 12-14
Friday: noon to 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 4pm
My finished work will be at the Glass Axis Pumpkin Patch again this year. Obviously, most of it will be fall, Halloween and pumpkin themed. Look for brand new necklace designs. I’ve already started making earrings so I hope to have quite a few gift-priced items.
I’ll be working the show on Friday, October 12.
1341 Norton Avenue-B
Columbus, OH 43212

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