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  Updated – Etsy!
I’ve added even more to the Beads and kits sections! 
Check them out!

Also, Etsy rolled a new instant downloads option.  This means that when you purchase a tutorial, you’ll get a link to automatically download your tutorial to your computer.  No more waiting for me to get back to my computer – instead you get instant gratification!  Yippee!  I think all of my tutorials are now available for immediate download.  Let me know if you find any that I’ve missed.    

I got nothing for today, so I thought I’d just add in a collage of my most recent photo shoot with Danielle.

All of these pieces of jewelry are available on my Etsy.  Some might be on clearance!

AFTER-Holiday SALE on my Etsy  – Clearance!

Time for a pre-inventory, after-holiday out with the old and in with the new clearance sale!

All items in the clearance section have been reduced already and are priced as marked – includes beads, jewelry, purses and some random stuff I found hanging out in the studio.  They range between 20%-50% off!

I’m not sure how long this sale will run since I’ll be making room soon in my Etsy store for new stuff!

Whoops!  Haven’t done a treasury eye candy post since early October.  Time to fix that now!  

Do You Know The Way to Santa Fe? by GirlBurkeStudios

Beautiful Cuff Bracelets by KittyAndMe

 ———— That’s it for now!

So…  I just found an online program called Pixlr and it might be my favorite thing this week.  I’m pretty sure my friend Val told me about it earlier, but my memory isn’t so great.  It allows for a lot of the same tools as Photoshop, plus they have this handy collage program.  The below collages took me something like 5 minutes each.
First, here’s a set of bead embroidered bracelets.  They are available for sale here:
And here’s a set of beaded collars.  The top right one was made for the Use The Muse Contest 3.  The top left won third place in the beads and jewelry category at the Vegas Glass Craft Expo 2011.  The bottom left won the Bead Embroidery Category for the use the Muse Contest 2.  All of them are available for sale on my website.
And finally, here’s a set of sold pieces of jewelry.  I can make them to order if there’s something below you’d like.  Since each is one of a kind, you’ll have to allow for variations, however.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired – Beautiful! by monsieuraleon 

You can see it here

To see more treasuries by monsieuraleon head here

Craftsman Style by pinesandneedles
You can see a larger version here:

To see more treasuries by pinesandneedles click here.

metal go – BANG BANG by AndrewVSHelme
To see a larger version head here:

To see more treasuries by AndrewVSHelme head here.



I found another box with leftovers from Bead & Button! Obviously I was pretty disorganized about packing up.  


I still don’t have an awful lot left over, but I’ve added to the set of samples for sale on Etsy.  A few are well-loved, others are still in perfect shape.  All of them are still strong and sturdy.  They are priced accordingly.  Read through the whole description for sizes (I cannot lengthen or shorten) and any blemishes they might have.   


Toho Triangle BraceletIn addition, I still do have a few kits left over (although not a ton of them either).  Some are one-of-a-kind colorways, so be sure to check out the photo of the ACTUAL beads in the kits.  They are  still 10% off retail prices due to request to extend the sale!


Finally, I only have a few Tribal Beads and sets left over, so I’ve added them to the sale and they are 20% off for just a few days.  


 My whole Etsy Shop: 

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