My thanks to Deb, Hugh, and everyone who helped at Glass Stock for another wonderful event!

Also, my thanks to everyone who made my birthday sale a real success.  I’ve reached 1400+ likes on my facebook page and 2000 sales on my Etsy.

I think its finally fall here.  How about where you are?  I hope to head over to the fruit farm near here sometime soon to pick up some wonderful fresh-picked apples.

Just a few more classes coming up this month at the Gahanna Bead  Studio.  This set of chainmaking workshops will take you through from the very easiest up through some that are still pretty easy but don’t really look it:
There’s still time! I am teaching at Crystal Bead Bazaar in Pittsburgh next weekend.  Take a look at the photo to the right!  This is another version of the Faux Chainmaille Twins Beaded Bracelet, which we’ll also discuss in class!   

Charlene and I set up classes in Chicago at Caravan Beadsfor the last weekend in October.  We’d been juggling days around, but she finally got me to commit!

  •  Selling Your Work at Art Fairs – 2 hour lecture.  Oct 26
  •  Garden Trellis Bracelet.  Intermediate.  Oct 27
  • Soutache Beaded Bracelet.  All levels.  Oct 28–Visiting-Artist-Classes/Categories

Happy beading!

I’m a little behind on posting treasuries this month!  Here are three:

Royalty by Monkenstein
Lavish designs, lush colors… extravagance!

If you’d like to see more by Monkestein, head here.


Here’s Rum & Raisins, featuring the same necklace by me and by gr8jewellery

You can see more by gr8jewellry at

Trinitydj has been featured in some of my other treasury eye candy spots.  Here she is with Hunted Treasure… and found plenty.  Again, with the same necklace!

That’s it for today!  Enjoy!


So, I’d been promising to get student and customer photos up on my website for YEARS. And I never seemed to get around to it because by the time I’d get around to actually updating my website it would be way past midnight and then it seemed like it was already outdated two days later.
I finally put together an album on my Facebook business page. It gets more hits than my website anyhow, so its probably a better place to show off your work. If you have made a piece from one of my tutorials and want to show it off then just email a photograph of it to me. Don’t worry about cropping and color correction – I can do that for you.

To the left, a Royal Ruffles Bracelet by Marlene Emmons with a fancy clasp.

You can see the whole album at

Bead On!

Spent yesterday getting a lovely new terrier foster for my friend Bethany.  All I did was sit in a car for hours, and yet today I’m a little sore and pretty unmotivated to start any of the 13 million ideas I have rampaging around my brain.

Image representing Etsy as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

So, it might just be a good day to catch up on some more treasury eye candy!  As always, these treasuries were created by another Etsy seller, but include one of my pieces.  look for Hannahrachel in the items below.

Here is Flower Power by AZBeadedTreasures
You can check it out more thoroughly by heading to

To see more by AZBeaded Treasures, head to

LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BEADED JEWELRY by trinitydj.  I might have to buy the first tutorial on this list…

trinitydj is the queen of treasuries.  When I wrote this, she had over 400 collections!  To see them head to
Here’s a treasury with soft grey as the main color and then just little spots of brighter stuff.
Look for a little color to brighten a grey day! by VintageHodgepodge
That’s it for today.  Enjoy!

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired – Beautiful! by monsieuraleon 

You can see it here

To see more treasuries by monsieuraleon head here

Craftsman Style by pinesandneedles
You can see a larger version here:

To see more treasuries by pinesandneedles click here.

metal go – BANG BANG by AndrewVSHelme
To see a larger version head here:

To see more treasuries by AndrewVSHelme head here.