I’ve decided to take part in another one of Lori Anderson’s Most Excellent Blog Hops – and this one is right up my alley – its all for bead hoarders!

Well, I have to say that I was a little bit slow on the ball here.  Everything is back on track now, but the deadline was the day after Shawn and I returned home from the Club Bead Retreat at Club Med (Florida) and I promptly got the creeping crud.  Which reminds me that I still have to tell you about the Retreat…  Another time.

Anyhow, my first partner out of two (this is kind of random but her beads arrived first so I’m going to talk about them and her first) is

Barbara S Fernald – https://barbarasfernald.com/

Barbara does incredible silver clay beads.  Be sure to read her blog and then check out her lovely gallery of work (https://barbarasfernald.com/gallery/)

Ready to see what she sent?  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them yet…

First of all they were beautifully packaged, which is something to this day I’m no good at doing…

And then JUST LOOK at these lovelies…  I can just see why she hoarded the lampwork – and then she included some of her own pieces!  I’m so spoiled.

Want to read more about the blog hop?  Here’s my intro…