I just returned home from a really wonderful Bead Retreat in Florida that I’ll tell you about later on in the week. Meanwhile, though, the amount of time I spent in airports and the plane was LOOOOONG. They lost a bag on the way there and all three of them on the way home (I hope they find them and it doesn’t take 3 days this time)!

But long plane trips do allow me to rework tutorials, and I finished this one somewhere over Nebraska.

JUST UPDATED – Bead Pattern Ndebele Crystal Cables Herringbone Beaded Bracelet tutorial instructions – by Hannah Rosner

Use seed beads and crystals to make your own version of this handbeaded bracelet.
This class is level 3.5 out of 5. That puts it at an Intermediate/Advanced tutorial. Students SHOULD BE ALREADY FAMILAR WITH FLAT HERRINGBONE/NDEBELE STITCH before they begin this project and should be well versed in bead weaving.