Its true.  I have a fringe issue and a bead hoarding issue.  I pretend that I can quit anytime I want, but I probably can’t.  I also pretend that its completely under control and that I don’t quit because I don’t WANT to quit, but when I started reworking my old tutorials, I could have just ‘fessed up and said that I was just going to remake samples for all of my older tutorials WITH MORE FRINGE.

Anyhow, so when Karen Leonardo and Diane Woodall asked me to write a tutorial for the February issue of Artisan Jewelry Times I thought I’d try for something beginning level and without fringe.  And there I remained, stuck FOR MONTHS.  

I tried a macrame bracelet.  And scrapped it.

I tried a braided bracelet.  And scrapped it.

I tried a steampunk style necklace with some handmade beads.  It was UGLY.

So I finally did what any crazy bead lady does when faced with a lack of inspiration and took out a cabochon  Jodie McDougall gave me years ago and I’ve been hiding away to make something just for myself and decided to make something just for me.

But of course first I had to go bead shopping because this thing for me was going to have fringe and I didn’t have the right beads!  When it was done, I looked at it and thought, well, I’m not sure why I was making this so difficult.  This thing is my current FAVORITE thing and it can be a tutorial.  And so… here it is.  The cover tutorial for the February issue of Artisan Jewelry Times!

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