I’ve been asked for a full list of the new and improved tutorials I’ve been adding to Etsy.  So…  here you go!

* Kits Available (new ones this month are in bold)
-Ancient Treasures Kit (Intermediate/Advanced)
-Arabesque Necklace (Intermediate)
-Atlantis Bracelet Kit (Intermediate)
Coral Gardens Necklace (Intermediate/Advanced)
-Cosmic Burst (Intermediate)
-Filigree Fantasy Soutache Pendant Kit (Intermediate) – NEW Purple/White Colorway added
-Fireworks Kit (Intermediate)
Embers of Constantine Bracelet (Intermediate)
-If Money grew On Trees Soutache Necklace Kit (Intermediate)
* Newly Released to Etsy – Patterns Available (new ones are in bold)
Some of these have been available to my newsletter subscribers already, but check them out anyhow!
-Ancient Treasures Bracelet Pattern  (Intermediate/Advanced)
-Autumn Leaves Fan Necklace (Intermediate/Advanced)
-Cosmic Burst Quadraring Pendant (Intermediate)
-Dani’s Dragons Bracelet Pattern  (Intermediate/Advanced)
-Deco Drama Bracelet Pattern (Intermediate)
– Embers of Constantine Bracelet (Intermediate)
-Garden Trellis Bracelet Pattern  (Intermediate/Advanced)
-SUPER EASY Wire and Bellflower Cascade Pendant

* JUST UPDATED – Patterns Available
These patterns have been available on Etsy already, but they’ve all been newly formatted and updated with more photos and diagrams.
-Make Love Not War:  Summer of Love Pendant (Beginning)
– Mermaid’s Abalone Necklace (Advanced)