Summer has hit here and the dogs are going nuts.  They love the morning and evening weather, but this fur-coat-wearing during the middle of the day is the pits.  As a result, we’ve been taking lots of walks down to the Rogue River so they can go wading.

I’m still finding and adding stuff to my clearance sale on Etsy.  Thank you so much to everyone who has adopted pieces and helped me clear out this gigantic mess of a studio.
* Large Scale Neckpieces –§ion_id=5354941
* Other Necklaces and Pendants –§ion_id=18781695
* Pendants, Brooches and Earrings§ion_id=10544623
* Some rings and also some beaded objects that are cool but not on clearance

     * And finally, here are some fun wirewrapped collaborations that Shawn and I did
         (I put them into his Etsy shop instead of mine)