Hey again!  I finally got some of my Etsy shop stuff updated.  There’s lots new to see.
**I have selected even count flat peyote patterns on sale.  They are $5/pattern until October 8.
The SALE section is available here:
**There are a whole bunch of new patterns, too, including a keen Giraffe Pattern I made for an upcoming class at Dancing Beads (come on by if you’ve always wanted to learn to read these patterns but don’t know how).  You can see the new designs (and some kits) here:
** Other stuff – there’s loads of things on clearance just because I don’t get a chance to sell jewelry in person often anymore.  Just look for items designated CLEARANCE.  Also anything on my Etsy site includes free shipping if you use coupon code  FREESHIP when you check out.  So… have fun!