Have I mentioned that I’m really honored to have been chosen to be a Starman Trendsetter?  I get to test all these new beads before they are released for sale.  The newest beads are two-hole Crescent shaped beads, which I used to make this fun bracelet.  Carol thinks it looks like a shrimp, so its officially titled “Shrimp Scampi.”  I’ve got some other stuff to do first, but soon it’ll be a pattern for you.  It uses peyote stitch.
My Bead Dreams entry is due on March 25th and you’ll never believe it…  I think I might just finish.  Good thing you didn’t take me up on that bet last time where I told you that there was no way I’d ever complete it in time.  of course I could just blow it still.  Can’t show it to you yet, but perhaps soon.  I did however send in my Toho Challenge piece almost two months early.  Whoo hoo!  You’ll see that for sure up in the front case at Bead & Button.  Next up?  An April “Hardware” Challenge for the Etsy Beadweavers Team and Battle of The Beadsmiths 2015.  Keep your eyes here for details.