I forgot a whole bunch of stuff in my last newsletter.  In particular, I owed many many thanks from March. 

From March, my thanks to Carol, who hosted a number of Etsy Success Classes for me.  Her new store is beautiful, so drop by if you’re ever in Medford Oregon and check it out. 

Thanks also to Rhonda who hosted me in her home for a class and for Joanne, who suggested the whole class.  Thanks to Cynthia, who rescued another dragon from CERTAIN DEATH.  And finally, thanks to everyone at the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild. 

Thanks to Carl & Karen, who hosted me in their home, and also to Enola, who has a lovely bead store in Stockton CA and let me teach for her.  I enjoyed meeting new students and classes were super fun.

For my friends on the East Coast and in the north, I hope that the weather has turned for the better for you!