Just as a reminder, I’m taking part in this year’s Bead Soup Blog party.
You can read more about it here:
And you can meet Susanne, my Bead Soup partner (she’s from Germany!) here:

She just wrote and told me that the Bead Soup I’d sent to her arrived, so I can finally share it with you…  Here’s what I sent to her.

She’s a seed bead artist, so I sent her some Two Hole Czech-Mates beads (you can see them on the left).  On the right, you can see some 11/0 seed beads, some small drop beads, some 8/0 seed beads and some 15/0 seed beads (all made by Toho).  Above them, you can see some handmade spacer beads.  I also sent her three possibilities for focal beads: a boro heart I made, a smaller yellow raspberry shaped bead, and a blown glass hollow.  At the top is the clasp I sent.  Can’t wait to see what she does with it!
Soon, I’ll post the bead soup I got from her.  Its so beautiful.