Well, I’ve all done it again!  I signed up for the Bead Soup Blog Party again this spring.

I’ve taken part in TWO beforehand, and they were both a gas.  So, how could I resist?  Well, that was the PLAN anyhow.

As it turns out resisting was easy.  The sign-ups were a single day and it was one of the days I was in Tucson for the bead shows there.  I was teaching, and also showing and… next thing I know it was tomorrow and signups were closed.  Bummer, right?

Well, I sent an email telling Lori (the hostess) what had happened and telling her that I couldn’t wait for the next one and maybe I would catch it on the next round.  Because there have been 7 so far, or maybe 8.  Anyhow, I figured there would be another one.  And guess what?!?  As it turns out, she NEEDED another person to partner with a Bead Soup Blog Participant in Germany.  So…  I get to join in again!

First… what is the Bead Soup Blog Party, you might well ask.  What a great question!
You can read all about it on Lori’s blog:
Or you can just skim the basics…
1.  Lori partners up two beaders
2.  We send each other some beads
3.  We make jewelry
4.  We show it off on our blogs and we visit and comment on the other blogs in the party.
5.  We have fun

There’s a little more to it, but that’s the highlights.
Oh wait, did I mention there’s a book about it?  Here you go…  Lori wrote a book for Kalmbach about the whole thing.  its awesome and you can get it for either your Nook or you Kindle.