Wow.  Just bad.  I went from blogging pretty regularly to outright missing all of the month of November.  Which means I have to make up for it somehow this month.
I guess I’ll start with my missing newsletter…

Are you ready for the breakneckDahlia Photo speed that is the holiday season?  Fortunately for me, Hanukkah started early this year so I get to space it out a bit (which is to probably say I’m pretty spaced out already).  Its already over – I missed it almost completely.
Happy late birthday to my mom, by the way.  🙂  That was last month, at the end.
And happy holidays to everyone reading this.
Please note that as of right now I will be unable to make any special orders in time for Christmas.  But…  I do have some exciting news I’ll share with you in my next newsletter!
Kathy, at Bead Soup in Savage Maryland, still has a trunk show of my work.  She’s had it for a little while now and I’ve been replenishing the tutorials now and again, but the lampwork is one of a kind and I haven’t had a chance to get onto the torch recently, so what is there is all that is available through the end of the year! 
Happy beading!

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