You know, autumn always seems sort of sad to me.  I love the colors of the leaves here (they haven’t really started yet, but I look forward to them), but the shorter days and the upcoming closing of the pool reminds me of winter and dark cold days.  I prefer the sunlight and warmth…  although I do like snow.  
The Pantone Fashion Color Forecast for 2013 is fabulous though.  You can see it here.

Lots of stuff already happened in September.  But there’s a little more coming up. 

Eye of RaThanks to John and Jaime and the rest of the FiberandBeads team at the Tucson Best Bead Show last weekend.  The show was four days – Thursday through Sunday.  I taught a few classes, including a new eye pendant (photo left).  I enjoyed being in Arizona again, although I didn’t get my fill of Southerwestern food.
You know, when I left Taos I thought I was going to look forward to a break from green chili sauce and guacamole.  Not so much.  I miss it!
I got a chance to meet an online friend IRL finally.  Donna – it was fantastic seeing you!  You’re just the same wonderful soul in person as you are online. 

Next, I’m heading to The Northern Virginia Bead Society Annual Bead & Jewelry Show. I’ve never gone to this show beforehand, so lets see how it goes! I’ll have new lampwork beads and sculpture, beadweaving tutorials and kits.  I’m never sure exactly what will be in the booth until I get there, so you’ll have to drop by and see what I’ve got.  September 28th & 29th, 2013.
Happy beading!