Since I’ve nothing else to write about today, I thought that I’d just snag the whole list of participants for the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party off of Lori Anderson’s Blog.  But for some reason I couldn’t get the HTML to work out.  And so I spent a bunch of time trying to read through the code line-by-line, but this blog just isn’t buying it.  Apparently I can’t save the document without my account getting upset with me.

Just as a reminder, I am taking part in this huge online thing.  I got my beads in the mail (right) from Darlene and actually have started work on the piece already.  I’m making a bracelet.  Around March 15th, I’ll show you where I am at that point, and then the full “reveal” and first part of the party will be on the 30th. There are two more reveals after that date.

So… here’s the link to all of the 80 gazillion participants on Lori’s blog (actually there are 500). 

Some time this week/month/year I’m going to try to visit as many as I can and comment.  How many can you view?