I’m pretty sure I’m possessed.

For no apparent reason at the end of January I rented the first two disks of season 1 of Game of Thrones… and watched them in a single sitting.  I’m pretty sure that the direwolves were part of the appeal.  The next day, I rented disk 3…  Guess what I did that night?  Disk 4 was out, otherwise I probably would have rented that too.  It came back two days later, and I was going to get Disk 5 as well, but the season finale was still out.

I swear, I must have haunted the DVD rental place for 10 days before I finally asked what the heck was going on there.  I finally gave up for a bit – figured if it was there next time I walked in then so be it.  Meanwhile, I’d seen all of season 6 of Dexter and started Boardwalk Empire (I didn’t really dig it, actually) and watched season 2 of the American version of Shameless and about a million other movies before I finally got ahold of the finale.  And FINALLY!  There were dragons.

So… since I always have to talk about beads, I think I noted a few days ago that my Dragon Scales Bracelet has been renamed Dany’s Dragon.

Now, it turns out everyone else knew this TV show was excellent (what planet was I living on) and the book is pretty well written – although the visuals in that show are well enough conceived that I think I prefer them.

On the 19th, season 2 came out on DVD.  So, I booked it over to the rental place and they didn’t have it.  Plus, they had no idea when it might be coming in.  So, I did what any crazy possessed person would do.  I headed over to the Meijers and bought it.  It was $10 off list price.

Guess what I did the next few days?

Of course now I have to go back and buy season 1.  And season 3 is only just coming out on HBO.

Guess who doesn’t get HBO?