A couple of weeks ago, my friend Barb S. mentioned that she didn’t know I sketch, and this made me smile because I realize that a lot of my current lampworking and beading friends also probably didn’t know that I taught web design and drawing and a whole host of other stuff at both the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and also the Illinois Institute of Art.

You can see that first post here.

I showed a few of my drawings here, but I thought I’d drag out my portfolio, which is really doing nothing but moldering in my garage (so if you see something you want in either this post or the previous post, just email me and maybe we’ll work out a reasonable price.  I also LOVE trades) and scan a few more photos.

So… enjoy!

Here’s a tiny TINY pen and ink drawing I did as a rough draft for a scenic design for Agamemnon.  This is smaller than a business card.

And here’s the final draft, done in pen & ink & acrylics.  Its about 8.5″x10″.

And a photo, from a class I took a million years ago.  I was into stairways just then.

Wanna see some of my finished scenic design work from grad school?
That’s it for today!  Enjoy!