I lived in Pittsburgh for years, and really, there are sunny days there but when they are simply glorious its hard not to revel in them.  So, what better thing to do than go to a cemetery on a bright sunny day?

That’s exactly what Barb and I did on one of our trips.

In reality, we didn’t set out to go to look at tombstones during that trip.  We actually were heading on over to Crystal Bead Bazaar on Butler Street, where I taught a couple of classes.  Crystal Bead Bazaar is owned by lovely (and talented and sweet) Joanne.  I think this was September 2012.

But down the street from the bead store (which, by the way, is one of my favorites in the country) is the Allegheny Cemetery, which was first used in 1845.  You can see the gates from the front door of the bead store, and we had a lunch break between classes and really, look at the weather we got.  No matter that I was wearing the most non-sensible shoes on the planet to go tromping through a graveyard.  We were off on a short adventure!

Here’s the front gate of the Cemetery, as seen from Butler Street. Lawrenceville, the area of Pittsburgh that the bead store and this gate lie in, are really up and coming. Its full of great restaurants (shoutout to Haiku and the Round Corner Cantina). By the way, all of these photos were taken by Barb. All I did was crop and straighten them.

On the way home from this trip, we stopped by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater (read about it here), and drove through West Virginia.

I’m going to end this with a photo of Joanne’s precious Bahama, who crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday.  He was well loved.  My love to Joanne and John during this difficult time.