One of the perks of what I do is the travel.  I get to travel around the country and meet wonderful, excited people and teach them either beadwork or lampwork.  And, while I travel, I get to see new things!  What’s not to like?

The most incredible part of Oregon is the abundance of wildlife.  The past few summers I’ve attended Glass Stock in Eugene Oregon and took a few days on each side of the event to enjoy the fantastic scenery around the state.  Here are two treasuries I made inspired by the scenery and wildlife I saw.  

Also, the grey weather here in Ohio is making me long for summer, so I decided to NOT share winter inspired treasuries this week. Its snowing again here.


Wildlife in the Northwest.  
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I’m not kidding! Within a 24 hours I saw all of the following (and we’ll see how much of it I managed to picture in this treasury)

– black bear: almost hit a little one on the road
– deer: a couple hanging out by the side of the road
– darlingtonia: pitcher plants. A whole area full of them!
-seals (not pictured above because Kelly was the one who reminded me of them)
– lavendar: well, its planted in the garden in front of me just now.
– hummingbirds: there are two buzzing my head just now.
– blackberries: Yup, picked some and ate ’em!
– crawdads: crayfish for anyone who wants to properly name them!
-woodpecker: he’s a little one. I think he’s a little alarmed by me.
– elk: they were at a reserve, so not free, but they were sparring
-sunglasses: seriously, I had them like 5 seconds ago. Where are they?
– chickens: don’t ask.
-pine grosbeak: I think that’s what that little guy is.
– wild turkeys: they are all over this state!
– osprey: passed a nest!


And then, there’s the Oregon Coast…

Tide Pool – Dreaming of the summertime

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 That’s it for today!  Enjoy!