My friend Barb S. mentioned that she didn’t know I sketch, and this made me smile because I realize that a lot of my current lampworking and beading friends also probably didn’t know that I taught web design and drawing and a whole host of other stuff at both the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and also the Illinois Institute of Art.

I enjoyed my jobs there, especially the students and the teaching.  In particular, my Advanced Life Drawing classes were so much fun because both the students and the models were so serious and… TALENTED.  Also, every once in a while I’d get to pick up some chalk and draw something.  I actually only left because I had this big overhanging unfinished thing in my life called graduate school.  Which, by the way, is thankfully now over.  But what I didn’t enjoy was the GRADING.  It was murder on me to have to sit in judgement of some of those students.  Especially when they had really good ideas but had missed the point of the project completely.

And it wasn’t like they hadn’t understood the point – I certainly have missed the point of a project now and then because I let my creative muse get the better of me.  For instance – take a look at this particular beading challenge.  The idea was “Dawn’s Early Light” and it was suggested that we use soft tones and white.  And I came up with something in bright blue, purple and oranges?  Whoops…  This post was going to be NOT about beading.

Anyhow, so Barb mentioned that she didn’t know I sketched.  And I actually haven’t done much sketching since gradual school was over.  But here are a few pieces that I still rather like, years and years later.  The drawing at the top is from a building on the Ohio State university campus, and below are some of the sketches I’ve found already loaded up on my computer…

A really rough sketch for an arts & crafts fireplace design…

The final sketch to be painted as the show curtain for a theatrical design called “Irma Vep”

A rough lighting design sketch for the opera La Boheme

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve actually found some of my students again and they are just as spunky and fun as they were in classes.