I can’t seem to find these, so I’m reposing them.  I apologize if they are repeats!

The World’s Easiest Bling Bracelet – Swarovski Crystals and Lampwork.
Here’s another super trendy bracelet that’s actually really easy to make.Materials:
* 7″ Swarovski chain – mine is on a blue ultrasuede base, but you can get it from Etsy without a base.

Expect to pay about $6/foot.
Here’s a link to a store with stuff that would work just dandy.

* Leather Lacing – about 18″

*Lacing Thread – you can use whatever you’ve got.
I have some black hemp here that would work, but I’ve decided to use C-lon Macrame thread since I have some pretty colors.
As a side note, I get my C-lon from here:

* Glue – I suggest .527 watch glue or “Zap-a-Gap.”

* Bead or Button for closure – of course I used a boro bead…


Fold your leather lacing in half. This is going to be the button loop, so make sure it fits over whatever you’ve picked as a closure.
Lay your lacing along the same line as the leather. See which side I have the cut end on? I’ll be wrapping the loop shank over the top of this to conceal it.
You can use a spot of glue to keep it all in place.

Wrap the lacing tightly around the leather to make the loop shank. I suggest at least 1/4″.
Keep it together at the end with a half-hitch knot. You can use another spot of glue if you’d like.

Lay the swarovski chain over the lacing. You can use a spot of glue to keep it in place if you’d like, but its going to be the wraps that really keep it all together.

Wrap tightly between each swarovski stone.

You could continue a full length of the bracelet, or you could decide you want more lampwork bling. I cut my Swarovski into separate pieces and added some boro bead goodness.

At the end, make a shank in the same way you did at the beginning. If you’d like to hide your cut lacing thread end, you can thread it on a needle and sew it back in through the loop.
Use a spot of glue to hold everything in place, if you’d like.

String on your bead or button and knot to hold it together. Again, you can use a spot of glue if you’d like.

Cut all raw edges. Wait for your glue to dry.

Wear and enjoy!

Other options:
Here is a bracelet on Etsy by westprince done without the lampwork beads.

Here is a bracelet done exactly the same way, only using ball chain. This is on Etsy by sukoshishop.