Yippee!  We’re all still here, although anyone who was on Facebook certainly got an eyeful on Dec 21/22!

Welcome to the end of December 2012.  I hope you had wonderful holidays and are looking forward to a wonderful, happy and healthy 2013.

It finally snowed here, so I have a whole bunch of new photos of Danielle in my winter-themed jewelry.  You can see some of them on my Etsy page!  Some of the pieces are actually on clearance, the rest you can find in the jewelry section, and I’ll be uploading more in the next few days.

I’ve also finally done some real updates and overhauls on this blog, with new travel stories (photo, right, is from Prague.  Its a statue of the ghost from Mozart’s Don Giovanni) and some Etsy Treasury Eye Candy.  Upcoming in January, I’m taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge with stories about trips in Arizona, to Fallingwater in PA and to Mesa Verde in Colorado.  Stop by, leave a comment and sign up for the RSS feed!

We’ve decided to extend the trunk show at Bead & Glass Boutique in Pitman NJ for a bit this month.  There are still some great treasures there – stop by soon and check them out.
My Etsy shop will be open in January, but I’ll be trying to catch up on some of the projects I have stuffed into my head so am not available for special orders.  I’ll be desperately trying to finish deadlines for about four contest pieces, and also do a long-overdue overhaul on my website.In February, I’ll be teaching at Beads by Blanche in Northern New Jersey.  Keep your eyes open for the posting about the classes and trunk show there!

Happy beading!