I’m thrilled…. and scared.
Now that the catalog is out, I can tell you!
I’m teaching three classes at Bead & Button in 2013!
Classes open soon for registration!
I’ll also have my same booth – #410.

Boro Floral Beads underwritten by ABR Imagery

Tuesday – http://www.beadandbuttonshowstore.com/b130944.html
Description: Use borosilicate glass and several lampworking techniques to create detailed, lifelike floral beads. This is a perfect introduction to borosilicate glass for students who already have soft glass bead-making experience. Students will leave with several large scale floral beads. Class involves the use of a torch with open flame and gases. Wear safety (didymium) glasses, cotton clothing, and closed-toe shoes. Tie long hair back.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS & TOHO Beads Present: Intro to Beaded Soutache (2 possible class times)

Tuesday Evening – http://www.beadandbuttonshowstore.com/b130620.html
Sunday Morning – http://www.beadandbuttonshowstore.com/b131763.html
Description: Originally used to adorn military uniforms, bridal veils, and clothing, soutache braid has made its way into the jewelry world. Combine braid and beads, then assemble into a soft bracelet, a hard cuff, or a fabulous barrette.
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS & TOHO Beads Present: Garden Trellis Crystal Bracelet

Wednesday – http://www.beadandbuttonshowstore.com/b130705.html
Description: Weave a romantic bracelet that looks like a rich Victorian heirloom. Embellish with over one hundred crystals for extra bling. Students can make either a soft bracelet or a rigid cuf