Did you know that I have many of my tutorials available as a PDF?

First, the legal stuff (no fun, I know, but lets just get it all out of the way): These tutorials are for your own personal use, you may not forward them or print and distribute to friends. I also do not give permission to sell the finished googleybirds on Etsy. Please ask written permission if you would like the sell your finished pieces on other venues or would like to sell the cascade pendants on Etsy or anywhere else.

These tutorials are sent via email (PDF) upon receipt of payment. I’m sorry, if you need these patterns to be printed and shipped, then I will charge an additional fee. You are purchasing a tutorial only. Listing does not include a finished bead or piece of jewelry.

Okay, now the fun stuff!

You can buy them at http://www.goodrivergalleries.com/catalogkitslampwork.htm

Color Reactions in Soft Glass
As long as you have mastered a basic bead, this tutorial is for you. The tutorial covers everything from striking glass, mixing specialty colors, basic reactions through more advanced silver glass use. Color photos and step-by-step recipes.
20 pages and over 30 reactions. PRICE REDUCED! $15.00
Color Reactions Instructions
Introduction to Sculptural Beads: A Googleybird
Intermediate Lampworking Project in boro & softglass
Step by step directions on how to approach sculptural lampwork with both boro and soft glass directions. Students need a kiln for this project. This tutorial was created to allow students to move beyond beginner shaping towards an intermediate level. This bird uses exactly the same techniques as I use for my flower pendants! Finished googley bird beads are also available in your choice of color. Just email me!
20 pages and over 50 photos.
Wondering What to do with your finished focal bicone beads? Try this beginning wireworking tutorial.
Cascade Pendant

This pendant can be made with headpins and chain, and either swarovski crystal or pearls.
The pendant photographed is the one that is shown through the photos in this instruction packet, but you can use the techniques to make your own design.
This is a BEGINNING wirewrapping project. Students will learn how to use a headpin and make a very basic wirewrap, which can be used for earrings, bracelets, and this pendant.
I use a handmade lampwork glass bead for this pendant, but any large bicone or tube bead will work. You can order a handmade one in your choice of colors by emailing me.
Beginning Wire Wrapped Pendant Instructions