Its getting close to the new year!  Have you made your resolutions yet?  I haven’t… and unless something drastic has changed since I wrote this, I probably haven’t done my holiday shopping yet, either.  I always put it until last minute.

My thanks to everyone who came out for the Glass Axis holiday sale!

There is still time for a few Good River Gallery beady events this year! Currently running – a trunk show of patterns, and brand new beads at the Bead and Glass Boutique in Pitman NJ.  Even if you’ve been checking out my Etsy shop, there are beads at her store that only she and I have seen (unless you’ve been there already).

And… of course there’s a class and its coming up soon:  the Dragon Scales Bracelet at Gahanna Bead Studio in Ohio.
  •  Dragon Scales Bracelet.  Sun, Dec 16 1-4pm.
    • We’ll have a limited number of colorways available as kits at the store, or feel free to contact me for a list of supplies. Because of this option, materials are not included in the class price this time, but they are all available for sale at the store. 
    • You need to be comfortable with even count flat peyote stitch to take this class.
    • Register online at 
Happy beading!  And I’ll talk atcha again in the new year!  Have safe and Happy Holidays and a healthy new year.  Remember…  friends ALWAYS let friends drink and bead (Carol got me started on chocolate wine, so its all her fault), but please drive safely.