Well, clearly I didn’t do so well with the daily blogging challenge here in October.  I’m still pretty pleased with my month, since I got BOTH my Kalmbach Bead Soup piece in and also a piece for another challenge.

My friend Christina/Good Quill Hunting puts on the most awesome challenges.  She had a new one for me this month.  I’ve just lifted the following text from her website (http://www.goodquillhunting.com).

This contest is ALL about FEATHERS! Since we
are all bead artists, then we are ‘birds of a feather’
and this contest is all about incorporating feathers
into your bead work, be it
bead woven or bead

You can see all of the entries here: http://goodquillhunting.com/Birds_of_a_Feather_Contest_Entries.html

 About mine…
One of the very first movies my parents took me to see was the 1975 version of
Trollflöjten the Swedish language version of The Magic Flute directed by the famed
Ingmar Bergman. My favorite characters were, and still are, Papageno and his bird-
love Papagena. This early introduction to opera possibly led to my graduate degree
in theatrical design.

In this piece, I tried to both make the feathers an integral part of the design and
also break my habit of mirror-image pieces.

Materials: Coque feathers, rayon trim, Czech and Japanese seed beads, tigereye,
pink quartz, yellow citrine, etched shell, copper, antiqued brass chain, sterling clasp.

You can purchase it here.