Well, six days in and I’ve already missed a day of blogging.  And today is going to be a throwaway.  Last night I got overwhelmed by a project and by the time I stopped working on it, it was 12:30 and I had to get up early this morning to run errands before I took the rest of the morning and afternoon off with my friend Barb.  We went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  And yes, we dressed up.  If you are my Facebook friend, then maybe she’ll post photos and tag me and I’ll share.
I have absolutely nothing of any use to say today anyhow.  Except that the project I’m working on is going to be my newest pattern and I’m really tickled by it.  And I need to buy more seed beads because I don’t have enough in this house.
By the way, I found the photo on Beading Daily’s Facebook page and it was also forwarded to me by Candys… and I haven’t actually finished my project yet.
Stay tuned…