I’ve been thinking about personal challenges and deadlines a lot recently.  I’ve noticed that working from home gives me a huge leeway on which I take on.  If I succeed at meeting them I get a sense of accomplishment.  If not, then no big deal.  Its not like my boss is going to fire me.

And furthermore, I am a beading artist.  I enjoy what I do and take frequent breaks to play with puppies, but I’m not really under any sort of major situation here.  I’m not saving the world and I rarely even think any deep thoughts.  I might save a bead or two but if not then that’s not all that big a deal either.

This month, I’ve decided to take on the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  31 blog posts in 31 days.  I do a lot of writing anyhow since I write tutorials for beading.  But once again, tutorial writing is not really any sort of non-flexible deadline unless I happen to have an upcoming class.  I’ve also had an idea for a novel about lampworkers running around in my head recently and perhaps this will give me the regiment of sitting down and writing everyday.

At this point I have to admit that I fully intended on blowing today off and then writing two posts tomorrow all like “what?  It didn’t post when I wrote it?”

Nope.  That didn’t fly with me either.  Not even in my head.

This is probably the worst month I could choose to do this.  I have an upcoming bead show, a finished jewelry show, classes in Chicago, some other stuff I’ve probably forgotten about, and a photoshoot with my lovely model so I can get my last challenge piece ready to put on Etsy and to send to Kalmbach Publishing Company for their Facebook Page.  That challenge piece is done other than the photo.

I plan on doing a Beading Challenge due at the end of this month that involves feathers.  I decided that yesterday.  I haven’t started it yet.  It’ll be peacock feathers – if I ever get around to ordering them.

And this morning I woke up and decided to do the Etsy Beadweavers October Challenge which is due in… two days.  So, that’s what I’ve been working on today even though I think I ruined the focal bead I made this morning by matte etching it.  The piece itself is about halfway done.  Honestly, I should have been making Halloween Themed Beads and also working on a couple of orders.

Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I intend on embarrassing a friend of mine and survivor by discussing on this blog how fabulous she is.

At least it all gives me plenty to blog about.