Last night I noted that I joined the October 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The idea is to post 31 posts in 31 days.   Why am I doing it?  I rather wonder whether blogs have the power that they used in in comparison to Facebook and Twitter.  I’d like to prove myself wrong.  You can read more about the blog challenge here.

I’ve noticed throughout reading the blogs involved that many people note the reason they joined the challenge is that they have the most problem with actually coming up with things to blog about.  My problem seems to be the opposite – I don’t know what to blog about first.  So, I put it off and then just copy over whatever it is that I put into my Facebook posts and into my Newsletters.   I looks forward to seeing what the creators of this blog challenge actually suggest over the month-long challenge.  The Ultimate Blog Challenge was created by Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer.

I’m also using this challenge because

  • I work better under pressure so tend to try and enter as many challenges as I can (I’ll be talking about a Beading Challenge at least twice this month).
  •  I like the idea that I can actually use this as a space to write real “stuff” as opposed to the microblogging of Facebook and Twitter.
  • I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a novel about lampworkers and want to get more into the habit of writing everyday rather than obsessively hanging out on Facebook (seriously, I don’t have a problem)…
  • I’d really like my blog to become a better platform for Social Marketing than it has been.

Meanwhile, though, for anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Hannah Rosner.  I am a jewelry designer and glass bead artist and own Good River Gallery.  I primarily make jewelry using seed beads and also make my own beads out of glass (which is called lampworking).  I teach beadweaving and lampworking techniques, and many of my tutorials are available for purchase online.

I was a semifinalist in the lampwork category for Bead and Button Bead Dreams 2009 and won second place for my bead embroidered collarpiece in the Treasures of Toho 2009 Contest. The Treasures of Toho necklace can be seen in the February 2010 issue of Bead & Button and I’ve copied a photo of it to the right. In 2010 Marsha Hines and I showed a collaborative piece in the ISGB show. In 2011 my Neptune’s Tail Necklace won third place in the Bead and Jewelry category at the Vegas Glass Craft Expo.  This past year, I won first place in the Advanced Sculpture Section at the Treasures of Toho contest 2012 (photo left). 
You can find my work for sale at my website 
and on my Etsy site
See you tomorrow!