My thanks to Deb, Hugh, and everyone who helped at Glass Stock for another wonderful event!

Also, my thanks to everyone who made my birthday sale a real success.  I’ve reached 1400+ likes on my facebook page and 2000 sales on my Etsy.

I think its finally fall here.  How about where you are?  I hope to head over to the fruit farm near here sometime soon to pick up some wonderful fresh-picked apples.

Just a few more classes coming up this month at the Gahanna Bead  Studio.  This set of chainmaking workshops will take you through from the very easiest up through some that are still pretty easy but don’t really look it:
There’s still time! I am teaching at Crystal Bead Bazaar in Pittsburgh next weekend.  Take a look at the photo to the right!  This is another version of the Faux Chainmaille Twins Beaded Bracelet, which we’ll also discuss in class!   

Charlene and I set up classes in Chicago at Caravan Beadsfor the last weekend in October.  We’d been juggling days around, but she finally got me to commit!

  •  Selling Your Work at Art Fairs – 2 hour lecture.  Oct 26
  •  Garden Trellis Bracelet.  Intermediate.  Oct 27
  • Soutache Beaded Bracelet.  All levels.  Oct 28–Visiting-Artist-Classes/Categories

Happy beading!