As an overview, I’m working on a piece that is a Bead Soup Challenge.  Eva Sherman from Grand River Beads sent a selection of fun beads over to Kalmbach Publishing Company and they forwarded the selection to me.  Deadline is October 31st and I thought I was doing ok, but I just ran across a snag.  I’ll get to it in a second.  I think I’m still okay for time.

Check out the links that the bottom of this posting to see where this piece started and how it is progressing.

Last night, I added more wirewrapping to the base and also some more bead embroidery to the top.  There was actually more fringe onthe base, but I actually removed it because it was getting too heavy and I wanted to reserve some of those cool tube beads for the side fringe.

Here’s what I’ve got right now.

Anyhow, so I’m not too happy with it today.  I should say I like the top, and I like the bottom, but I DON’T LIKE THE TWO OF THEM TOGETHER.  They look like two different necklaces.  Also, those leaves still look pretty pink, even though are orange IRL.

So, I think I’ll probably set aside this project and let it stew for a day or two.  I’ve got orders I’ve been ignoring anyhow that I ought to catch up on.

Tune in later for the next installment…