As an overview, I’m working on a piece that is a Bead Soup Challenge.  Eva Sherman from Grand River Beads sent a selection of fun beads over to Kalmbach Publishing Company and they forwarded the selection to me.  I’d be interested in knowing if they kept all the beads “in-state” since Grand River Beads is in Ohio
Check out the links that the bottom of this posting to see where this piece started and how it is progressing.
So here’s what happened last night on my bead soup piece. Lets see…

  • Purple? Check.
  • Fringe? Check.
  • Bead embroidery? Check.
  • Wirewrapping? WHAT?!? That’s not normal operating procedure.

The lucite leaves at the bottom are actually more orange and less pink. I’ll get a better shot in tomorrow’s photo.  Somehow it looked like I’d gotten more done while it was all hanging on my work table.