My bead soup arrived in the mail today! From Eva Madzsar Sherman & Grand River Beads. The Ohio contingent of the Bead Soup Blog Party has arrived!

Here’s how the Kalmbach Bead Soup Party works.

Eva and a whole bunch of other neat bead stores donated some “bead soup” to Kalmbach.  A bunch of designers signed up to take part – on Facebook.  A few of us got lucky!  Our bead soup arrived (or will be arriving) in the mail.

So, here’s what we’ll be doing over the next few weeks.

1.  We will augment our donated bead soup with other beads and supplies we have at home.  We’ll be creating necklaces with our beads and our due date is Oct 31st.

2.  We’ll be taking photos of our finished work and sending to Kalmbach for them to post on Pinterest and on Facebook.  You can see all of the pieces by “liking” Kalmbach Jewelry Books on Facebook.  You can also see my progress by stopping by my blog, here.