I don’t have an awful lot left over (which is a good thing, yes?), but I’ve decided to retire some of my patterns and also have some multiple sample pieces. As a result, I’ve put up some of the samples for sale on Etsy. A few are well-loved, others are still in perfect shape. All of them are still strong and sturdy. They are priced accordingly. Read through the whole description for sizes (I cannot lengthen or shorten) and any blemishes they might have.
I’ll be adding to this over the next few weeks as I continue to unpack and organize.
In addition, I still do have a few kits left over (although not a ton of them either). Some are one-of-a-kind colorways, so be sure to check out the photo of the ACTUAL beads in the kits. They are 10% off retail prices for just a week only!
My whole Etsy Shop: http://hannahrachel.etsy.com/