Sarah, from Aprilisforever on Etsy ( sells beading tutorials and handmade beaded jewelry.  She is a co-member on my Etsy Beadweaving Team.

She also runs a blog called “Operation Tackle That Bead Stash,” which you really have to check out.  In addition to free beading tutorials, she also runs beading challenges and highlights tutorials she finds online.

There’s still time to get involved in the June Challenge, the theme of which is “Rainbow.” Here’s what she writes about the challenge:
For your piece to qualify for the challenge you must use at least five of the following colours from the rainbow song: red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue. The shades can be as bold or as subtle as you like. You can also add black, white and crystal clear to your chosen rainbow colours and you can, of course, use beads with an AB/rainbow finish.Now here’s the twist…to coincide with this month’s leftover theme we’d like you to include leftovers somewhere in your entry. This twist is entirely optional but if you choose to use the twist as well as the colour scheme then you will receive two entries into the draw! 

For more information, to see the great prize available and to submit items, head on over here

This past week, she highlighted my Japanese Screen Beaded Cuff Bracelet, which combines beginning flat peyote stitch with beginning wirework.

You can check out my full set of tutorials on my Etsy site.