I’ve been terribly behind on promoting my Etsy Beadweaver’s Team, so wanted to take a moment to try and catch up a little bit on it.  Further, I haven’t taken part in a challenge for a while and need to get with that program as well.

The voting for the May Challenge is already complete and there has been a winner announced, but it was a fantastic contest.  The May 2012 Etsy Beadweavers Cllenge Theme was “Nautical Inspired” and was picked by Sydney, of LostAloha.
She wrote the following: “One of my favorite things about being from the Oregon Coast is how much the culture and economy is tied to the ocean (and it’s storms), the ports, and all the lush ocean life. My challenge is to make something Nautical inspired — be it sailor stripes, a pirate’s life, sea stars and octopi, or a siren atop a hefty, rusty anchor — with Memorial Day on the way, I will definitely make my way down to the docks to see all the boats and fisherman, and welcome in all the sunshine.. With an occasional high-winds warning and some dark, churning ocean waves.”

So, that said, I wasn’t able to get involved this past month even though her theme really inspired me.  Let me show you what my team came up with, though – although you can’t vote anymore, many of the pieces are still for sale and they are beautiful.  If you want to take a look at them on Etsy, the names of the shops are also included in the listing at the end.

1. The All American Wave – JoyFullyJewels

2. Octopus Bead Embroidery Necklace – crimsonfrog
3. Bounty – Bead embroidered cuff – OOAK – Vicus
4. Crystal Rivoli Grey pink Purple Beadwoven Necklace – SpringColors
5. Octopus’s Garden Bracelet – SierraBeader
6. Bracelet of Beadwoven Circlets – TerahClassyCreations
7. Ocean Breeze Necklace – eliana1971
8. Nautical Mermaid Necklace – MegansBeadedDesigns
9. Seascape Original Beaded necklace – EsmerldasStudio
10. Beaded Shell Pendant – enchantedbeads
11. Enchanted Mermaid Bead Embroidery Necklace – 4uidzne
12. Champion Honu Compass Rose – AngelqueCreations
13. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse – beadn4fun
14. Beaded Cuff Bracelet – randomcreative
15. Life Belt Beaded Necklace – annamei
16. Beaded Ocean Necklace – BettyStephanBeadwork
17. Pearls in ocean waves – AnnaCohen
18. Treasures of the Deep – josjewels1
19. Pirates Treasure Caught in Fishing Net – Jewelrybyjane29
20. Nautical Beadwoven Cuff – MaryTDesigns
21. Ocean Views – zviagil
22. Ancient Ocean – KraftKonfessions
23. Poseidon’s Garden Beadwoven Necklace – HauteIceBeadwork
24. TITANIC Bracelet – KrisDesignFSP
25. Sailing summer seas peyote stitched pendant – BoonieBeads
26. Summer sailor’s outfit necklace – alterdeco
27. Coastal Peyote Charm Bracelet – elsielight
28. In The Navy – Fandefanfan
29. Barrette, Sand, Sea and Shells – Janiesgems
30. Portholes Nautical Beadwoven Bracelet – SallyGoRoundTheMoon
31. Antique map adventure necklace – BeadCatcher
32. Nautical vanity – Sobby
33. Birth of Venus – SpiralDesignJewelry