Enjoying the crazy weather?
My thanks to Carol and the staff at Dancing Beads in Medford Oregon.  Also, my thanks to all the wonderful students I met.   
April starts out with a booth at the local Science Fiction convention – Marcon.  I’ve added my work in to the art show for years now, but this year I’ll have a few pieces where they always are in the show and also a full booth of steampunk creations in the dealer’s room.  If you can’t make it to the show, there’s also a section for the work on my Etsy!
The Rocky Mountain Bead Society Spring Bead Bazaar is on
April 28&29th in Denver CO.  See details about it in the box to the left.
Twins Bracelet
Twins and Crystals Bracelet
Just a few classes coming up! We’ve scheduled them on weekends at Gahanna Bead Studio for your convenience.   
  • Upcoming Glass AxisClasses for May:
  • Gahanna Bead Studio classes for April:
    • Twins & Crystal Bracelet (photo above).  April 21
    • Please note:  materials are not included in this class
    • You can register online at http://www.gahannabeadstudio.com