I’m trying to catch up on all my “thank-you”s and I’m still sadly behind on them.

Fortunate for me, Michele Tway is both kind and forgiving. She keeps blogging about my work in spite of my terrible inability to respond to her sweet notes on a timely basis. Anyhow, my thanks to Michele for not giving up on me.

Michele owns and runs a blog about crafts and selling on the internet. Her articles are insightful and inspiring. She does so much and knows so much about the crafting and online sales world, its really sort of mind-boggling. She also has options for promotion, crafting tips and more. You should really check out her blog.


Here’s what she says about my new line of Steampunk Gypsy jewelry… (this was all the way back in February, in case you’re wondering exactly how far behind I am with my thanks).

Not into girly pretty stuff? This fake fur and rifle casing bracelet might be just the piece for you.

Hannah has been featured on Blog About Crafts before but there’s something very different about this piece. I could so see the tough Russian heroine in a vintage movie wearing this steampunk bracelet to keep her ammunition handy. The good news is you don’t need to be a cold-war era heroine to sport this piece.

Made from rifle casings, fake fur and shredded Thai silk, this bracelet is 4.5 inches wide and fits an 8.5 inch wrist. (As an aside – yay for Hannah on making something for gals with larger wrists!!!) She does, however, also offer a number of steampunk pieces in smaller sizes as well. There are a number of steampunk pieces currently in her shop that sport Thai silk but this is the only one adorned with rifle casings.

To read more: http://www.blogaboutcrafts.com/featured-artist-friday-february-3-2012.html

More recently, she mentioned my tutorials in her blog:

Hannah Rosner
Among all of the gorgeous beads that are available in her Etsy shop, Hannah Rosner also offers a wonderful selection of tutorials.

You can learn how to make sculptural lampwork beads, make a beautiful woven seed bead bracelet, make cuff bracelets and so much more.

She identifies the skill level required for each project and even offers project kits with all the beads and the full project tutorial. Alas, the project I’m showing here is for more advanced beaders, which puts it out of reach for me, but she also offers tutorials to learn the techniques needed to become an advanced beader.


Anyhow, my thanks to you, Michele!