Its actually really embarrassing.

A lot of people over the past months have shown me and my work a lot of kindnesses. And I’ve been so overwhelmed with “doing stuff” I haven’t thanked you all. Its really terrible and I apologize.
So… let me try to start to fix this all right now.
DeanDesigns headlined one of her “finds” blog entries by showing off my purple and gold steampunk-y bead embroidered bracelet.
Her blog is really pretty. She’s designed and created a new line of Purse Charms/Key Chains that she calls”Purskeys” and says about them:
“Now you can dress up and use that old purse, handbag, backpack, wristlet, clutch purse, beach bag, diaper bag, or Key Chain!”
Thank you!

Sarah highlighted my peyote stitch cubes bracelet on her Tackle That Bead Stash Blog.
In addition to being full of really great ideas, her blog has a pretty background that I enjoy.
Thanks Sarah!