Murrini with Hannah Rosner
At Glass Axis. Columbus, OH
This traditional Venetian technique gets its name from the Italian for ‘thousand flowers’. Molds and cane are used to pull sticks of glass, which when cut into slices, reveal beautiful floral designs. This torchworking class will cover several types of murrini pulls while focusing on strengthening basic skills. Students will learn to create a variety of murrini and incorporate it into glass beads. Saturday & Sunday, 10 am to 3 pm
Jan. 7 & 8

More details…
We’ll begin by using some mass produced murrine on beads, just so you can mess some up while learning to apply them.

Then, we’ll make really simple stuff like bullseyes.
Then we’ll move onto a valentine’s day heart

And then a star (this one has reactive stuff around it)
And then a simple flower
And then a feather
And then probably some cute paw prints
And then an eye.

To sign up, call Glass Axis. 614-291-4250