1. String your beads on the headpin. Make certain that the head of the pin is flush with the bead.
  2. Using a pair of chainnose pliers, bend the wire right next to the bead away from you at a right angle.
  3. Grasp the bent wire with your round nose pliers just beyond the bend. Pull the end of the wire back around the tip of the pliers. Go all the way around and make a loop around the tip of the pliers, until the wire points in the other direction.
  4. Grasp the top of the loop with your round nose pliers to hold it steady while you use your chainnose pliers to grasp the remaining free wire and wrap it tightly around the wire below the loop.
  5. Cut the remaining wire flush with the work, and press it against the wire gently, using the tip of your chainnose pliers.
  6. Attach your earwires.