I’ve already mentioned that Jeri Warhaftig‘s new book is out in preview form. Its called Creating Glass Beads and its BEAUTIFUL.

So, first things first. Want the book?

Anyhow, in addition to the beads sown in my post/note below, I also got THREE pieces of jewelry into the book. THREE of them! Although I dare say that my photos are better than the professional ones!

So… here they are!

Chapter 1 – Ruffled Pendant
This combines Jeri’s pendant design with my DNA spiral necklace. Guess what – you can make your own DNA spiral necklace. Its actually a beginning project available here.

Chapter 4 – Cosmic Bead

This was my favorite project, but when you try to take the project above and you put it together with this project, you get a mess. Actually, I sort of like it anyhow…

Chapter 6 – Cane Beads

Whahoo! They actually used my photo in this one. This has beadweaving and a big old orange blown glass bead and some wire/chain work.