I’ve been stashing away items for a “GeoBox” on one of my online forums, and after waiting for it for three months, I’ve come to the conclusion that the young girl who was in line in front of me just is never going to send it.

So… here I am with a small bunch of crafty odds and ends. What to do with them, since I already was set to send them off to someone who might use them?

How about a bloggy/facebook giveaway?
It seems like the right time of year since we’re all looking for a reason to keep ourselves amused in this grey Midwest weather…

This includes some beads made by other lampworkers, some of my own beads, some “seconds,” a couple of beady mixes, a couple of tutorials, some fiber stuff, and maybe I’ll get a chance to go through some other crafty boxes to see what I can find. It will probably all be related to jewelry stuff, but you never know!

So… just post on any of the these three sites (only one entry per person, sorry).
What I’m looking for is THE BEST & FUNNIEST excuse to stay inside and bead.