Jeri Warhaftig’s new book is out in preview form. Its called Creating Glass Beads and its BEAUTIFUL.

I was lucky enough to be selected as part of the project testers for the book, and it has been SO hard to keep all her really exciting ideas under wraps. But now that the book is on preorder on Amazon.dom, I feel like I can finally show you what you’ll learn in this book. Or… Jeri will be teaching these techniques in person at both the Vegas Glass Craft Expo and also Bead & Button.

So, first things first. Want the book?

Here are some of the projects, out of order…
These are my test beads, not Jeris, but there are photos of all of them in the book!

Chapter 9 – Portals Beads
Before and after cutting and polishing. Many many many thanks to Bernie, who brought her lap wheel up and laughed at me while I cut and polished and polished and polished and polished.

Chapter 1 – Ruffled Bead.
Purple & Gold. What’s not to love? Holy HECK but it was hard to make an orchid out of the soft glass. I’m back to boro for those boogers. I actually made that top bead into a finished DN spiral necklace. I’ll try to find the photos…

Chapter 3 – Eye Bead
I’ve always been fascinated by these. So I made a lot of them.
You can actually take this from Jeri as a class at Beads & Button!

Chapter 4 – The Cosmic Bead
This one was seriously my favorite.