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Beginning Bead Embroidery Project

Sold as kits only, these are based off the fabulous collection of modern and antique brocade ribbons I’ve amassed over the years. There are many styles to choose from, but only a limited number of kits in each style since I only had a yard or so of each style. Everything included EXCEPT Fireline beading thread or your favorite beading thread and a plastic water bottle (you’ll see why).
Email me goodrivergallery@aol.com
if you want one and I’ll send a Paypal invoice.
(Photo above). This one comes with a different cab than photographed. It’ll be a more oval shape than photographed but you will be happy with it, I promise. An arabesque pattern in rich colors. Very wide – almost 2″ across. Only 2 available! This was selling at $35.

I was seriously hoarding this vintage olive and gold ribbon with grapes on it, but since these kits were crazy popular, I’ll make ONE up as a kit for anyone who didn’t get their first choice. The first person to claim it gets it! No cab.

(Photo right ). Arabesque brocade ribbon is about 2″ wide. Only 2 available! This kit is $25.00 without a central cab or $35 with one.


(Photo right ). A slightly smaller kit with no cabochon. Metallics and a peachy pink on a light background. This was difficult to photo and probably will need a realy light beading touch. Absolutely beautiful. Brocade ribbon is about 2″ wide. Only 1 available!
This kit is $25.00.
(Photo right ). A slightly smaller kit with no cabochon. Teal, fuschia and gold with a triangular motif. Brocade ribbon is about 2″ wide. Only 3 available!
This kit is $25.00.